Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 In Review

I began 2013 by traveling to Singapore and spending a wonderful 8 days there, getting the chance to also shoot with Felicity at the same time.
See The Reason
After returning to California, I went back out to the desert with Pearl in April when the weather warmed up.
It was nice to be able to work with her again even though it was still cool and windy the day we went out.
Long Day
In August I worked with Alessandra.
But this was pretty much the extent of my shooting in 2013, as you can tell by my lack of blog entries and general absence - I let this year slip by without shooting much.

Ephemera Thoughts

Then in October, Felicity flew back to the United States.
We've been able to do a limited amount of work together so far, but with the holidays and cold weather, long road trips to the desert will have to wait until spring.
The Stranger
And then,we'll be out there creating, we have a long list of ideas and concepts we've been ready to work on.
"There is no such thing as taking too much time, because your soul is in that picture." ~Ruth Bernhard

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Point of Re-entry

Felicity is back and we got to spend a couple of days in the desert this past weekend, not too warm but not freezing ....yet.
It was a long trip for her and about 8 months since our last time together, so it was very nice to be together again and working on pictures.
Edge Of The Bed
Each time we shoot it seems more and more natural to be together doing this.
Trying new things, experimenting more and now having the time to plan some longer term goals...
Because we are expecting to be doing this for a long time to come.
“History is a construct...Any point of entry is possible and all choices are arbitrary. Still there are definitive moments...We can look at these events and say that after them things were never the same again.” ~Margaret Atwood, The Robber Bride

Monday, July 29, 2013

Life is a Journey

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams." ~Dr. Seuss
Watermelon Fields Forever
 Quite a bit has been happening since I last wrote in March, what began as a wish is turning into a dream come true.
It's been a year now since Felicity & I took these pictures, discovering something special in the process, and now we are close to having the opportunity to do more work together.
After Effect
Felicity and I discovered a connection on our first shoot a year ago, and from that time we've been working toward doing it again, expanding on our work and taking it further.
In the past year we've also been brainstorming some new concepts and discussing ways to build on what we've already done, it's our hope to be together again soon and we're so very much looking forward to it.
Footsteps In The Sand
“Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time.” ~Jorge Luis Borges

Sunday, March 3, 2013

More from Zanck

More manipulations of my work by Zanck
In And Out
I've been very busy these past few weeks as I'm working on a few topics I hope to post soon, in the meantime I'd like to share more fantastic manipulations of my work by Franck.

Give A Hand

Blue Angel

"A photographer does not operate a camera in order to merely take pictures. Photographic work is always personal. A photograph reveals the photographer." ~Anonymous

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can easily sum up my feelings about visiting Singapore in 6 words, "I want to go back soon!"
Terminal 3 - Changi Airport
I am not a world traveler in any sense, and though I have thought about doing some international travel for photography, I'm pretty much at home out in the deserts here in southern California. Then a few months ago I was invited to visit Singapore.
 I knew next to nothing about Singapore, so I did some research on the web as well as asked 1,000 questions and the more I learned about Singapore the more excited I became about visiting. In searching I also happened upon the work of Danny Santos, who does a lot of street photography in Singapore and this inspired me.
Hitching A Ride

One thing I learned in doing research is there are a lot of varying opinions out there, which seem to be mainly based on brief experiences, or, opinion. I found that some reviews were quite critical while others offered the opposite view, most however were quite accurate. Singapore is a wonderful place to visit, the airport is outstanding and everyone I met seemed friendly and respectful. The architecture is really amazing, public transportation is efficient and works great and the food, oh my, I was introduced to several selections of the local fare and they were all fantastic! 

We made the most of my short time there, sightseeing, visiting some interesting places and when it was time to eat, we found the most incredible food. From what I saw, great food is practically everywhere.
Hokkien Mee
Here are some photos of favorites, and trust me when I say it was all good, the Hokkien mee was so good that we had it twice while I was there, one of her favorites quickly became one of mine also.
Venison with spring onion
This venison with spring onion is on the menu at a wonderful restaurant called Jumbo, there are several locations around the country and everything I tried there was exceptional.
Char kway teow
I was introduced to char kway teow at one of the many food courts, or 'eating houses', which are basically a collection of food stalls in rows with large common areas for seating. I'll be making this dish at home, as soon as I get all the ingredients together, it was simply excellent.
The zongzi we had was also excellent, these I shot hanging in a shop at Chinatown. This weekend I'll be heading to Chinatown in Los Angeles in hopes of finding more of this dish, as well as some others.
While in Singapore I got the wonderful opportunity to work with Felicity, whom I had worked with in July in the desert. We managed to get in some shooting during my stay, one rainy afternoon in the hotel we were able to catch some superb natural light.
I don't know what else to say about working with Felicity, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, she's a joy to work with. Just as when she was here and we were shooting in the desert, things simply work well when we shoot together, we have such similar aesthetics and appreciation for photographic art.
Guest Room
My heart feels full and I feel incredibly blessed to have found her, and to have the opportunity to experience all this. Felicity and Singapore have been a dream come true and with any luck this is only the beginning.
Heart & Soul
On street photography... "Out here, nothing is prepared. Nothing cooperates with you.. not the weather, not the subjects, not the situation. You have to make do with what’s available. That’s a very big challenge. But on few occasions when all the elements just come together, and you’re at the right place at the right time, the feeling of ‘getting that perfect shot’ just doesn’t compare to anything else." ~Danny Santos II 

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

By far the most wonderful event that happened this year was on a personal level, I got engaged to the most attractive and captivating woman. We met on a photo shoot in the desert which is no surprise I suppose, become instant friends the first day out and our relationship flourished rapidly from there. I have such a good feeling about where this is all heading, for us as a couple and our work as a team in photography. There is an amazing level of satisfaction and compatibility between us and I feel extremely fortunate to have found her.

It was a year of new adventures and good times, some with people I met for the first time and many with some cherished friends that I've worked with for years. It was another year of countless blessings, doing something I love dearly with the most amazing people I've metI owe a huge debt of gratitude to the following...
Running Aground
January 1, 2012 and Pearl and I were out in the desert, this year, the same as last year, my first and last shoot of the year was with my dear friend. We went out 17 times in 2012 and every shoot was amazing, a couple of years ago I told her I would never get tired of working with her, she didn't believe me, probably still doesn't! 
Between Earth & Sky
In January I was very fortunate to be able to attend the annual Photo LA party hosted by Patrick Alt, so much photographic talent in one room! During the event I got to meet Erin the Artist, a very talented self portrait artist and also had the opportunity to work with her. Erin, Pearl & I went out to shoot in Lucerne Valley during her visit to LA. 
Also in January I got the chance to work with Holly Loveday, I had been a fan of her work for a couple of years and it was fantastic to finally get to meet her in person, we actually worked together twice in 2012, she's so sensational.
Desert Shores
Also in February I was asked to contribute work to the 2nd edition of The Atlas of Contemporary Nude Photography "EROTICA", a wonderful honor!
Slipping Away
Then, before the month ended I got the chance to work again with Itzeeru, it had been over a year since our last shoot and it was so great seeing her again, we worked out near Indio and I was able to capture images for my flower series. I love working with her so much!
Conundra and I have worked together going on 4 years and we got to go out 3 times in 2012, this image is from a very special shoot, she had introduced me to Pablo Neruda, The Captain's Verses. As I was reading through them I found one that really hit home for me, "Always", it was so great to collaborate like this, truly a special memory.
Sweetwater Bridge
In February I had the pleasure of working for the first time with Katz Pajamaz! What an amazing person and incredible personality, she is art. Her drawings are fantastic and her modeling, wow, we went looking for locations and ended up in the mountains, it was so cold I had thoughts of giving up and trying again at a later date, Katz wouldn't hear of it, "Just get the shot" she told me, "I can always warm up afterwards."
Lightbox Gallery
A photo I had done with Pearl was accepted Lightbox Gallery's show, "The Artistic Nude" and I was able to make the trip up to Oregon with Pearl. It was an incredible weekend, the opening was well attended and there was a lot of beautiful art on display, we also got to spend time with my daughter Jennifer who lives up there.
Rock Castles
In March I was able to get together with Iota Art whom I had met a couple of years ago at a DM Gremlin open house events in Long Beach, she had taken a short hiatus from shooting and chose me to shoot with upon her return. We went out 3 times in 2012 and each time was just amazing, she's so graceful and artistic, she also does these amazing drawings and has a seemingly endless supply of ideas and concepts, it was an honor to get to work with her.
Watching The World Go Round & Round
On a very unseasonably cold morning in April I went out to Lucerne with Brooke, part shoot and part just desert adventure, yes, that is snow on the hills and we had quite a time trying to keep warm. You wouldn't know it by the pictures though, when it comes to photography and the desert Brooke is 100% enthusiasm, and it is addictive.
The Workshop
Another first time for me was getting to work with Wyldcat at the end of April, what a great day and what a talented model! This shoot started out wild in fact, 5 minutes after arriving at the first location a group of 3 showed up who were there to do a fashion shoot, so we drove on to a second location and after shooting for 15 minutes some guy shows up there to eat his lunch. We kept moving and at the third spot captured the image above, the rest of the day went perfectly though and we got great pictures. 
Get Back Here
In May I met the absolutely wonderful, beautiful and enchanting Shelby Katz, I got to work with her 3 times in 2012 and each time was exceptional! Shelby is so much fun to work with, her positive attitude and fun loving personality is absolutely contagious, and might I say, addictive. 
I also had the opportunity this year to work with 2 male models, I worked with Rusty Shacklford 3 times in 2012, he's incredibly creative and enthusiastic, with many great ideas for images, one of the best things about Rusty is out on location he is always thinking ahead.
Eric was also great to work with and was a great accompaniment to Shelby Katz, I worked with them together twice in 2012 and it turned out to be great fun!
Flight Of Stairs
At the end of May I was able to get together with NevaehLleh for another trip out to Lucerne Valley, she is always amazing to work with, and we had just found out that one of our photographs had been chosen for the "Nude But Not Rude" show at Linus Gallery in Pasadena.
Linus Gallery
On June 15th I got to attend the opening of "Nude But Not Rude", to my surprise NevaehLleh, Pearl, Wyldcat with her SO and my friend Dave and his SO also showed up. There was a lot of really great art on display and the event was very well attended, NevaehLleh and I also did a video interview for the show which was posted on the gallery's web site.
Study Of Form
Later in June I had the great pleasure of working again with Mila, who was traveling through southern California on her way to northern California on a road trip. She let me have a day with her for a grand desert adventure and we took full advantage of it, starting in Apple Valley we eventually made our way up the truck trail through the San Bernardino mountains and back to Orange County.
Take It Back
I had admired Felicity's self portraits for quite some time, and when the "unlikely" event happened that we got to shoot together, it was magic. We took a 3 day road trip at the end of July and I was smitten, but this only served to whet our appetite for more time together. We made a plan for her to return a month later then we did 3 additional road trips and spent 18 days together. Felicity is an incredible artist and photographer as well as a writer, her creativity just flowed and I'm looking forward to many more times shooting together with her in 2013.
At the beginning of October Felicity and I created a calendar of our best work from the time we spent in the desert.

In October I published a book of my work with Pearl, 'Taken by The Magic' which covers 2 years and all the genres of work we've done together. I will always love working with her.   
What Can I say
In December I met Alessandra, (the subject of my previous blog), we were scheduled to shoot once more prior to the end of the month but time was too short and the weather here had gotten really cold. I am looking forward to getting together with her again in 2013.

Just before the end of the year I found out that I passed 10 million views on my photos on Pbase. Hard to believe these photos have been seen so many times, this number is simply staggering to think about.

I'm looking to 2013 with much hope and anticipation, Felicity and I already have quite a list of ideas and concepts to begin working on as soon as we can. I'm also looking forward to continuing work with some of these other amazingly talented and creative people, with any luck it will be another year of art and magic.

"As far as I am concerned, I can only say how much I regret such an admirable discovery should have come so late! The possibility of studying such images would have had an influence on me that I can only guess at from the usefulness which they have now, even in the little time left me for more intensive study. It is the tangible proof of nature’s own design, which we otherwise see only very feebly." ~Eugene Delacroix (26 April 1798 – 13 August 1863) - quoted in "French Primitive Photography", Philadelphia 1969 [cited in "From today painting is dead – The Beginnings of Photography" (catalogue of exhibition in The Victoria & Albert Museum 16 March – 14 May 1972 p. 48), caption to item no. 532 showing photographs of nude models taken from an album belonging to Delacroix. The models are said to be in poses arranged by Delacroix.]