Friday, August 17, 2012

Felicity in Trona

When Felicity came to shoot in the desert with me one of the places we visited was the Trona Pinnacles.
Foreign Lands
Interesting geological formations in Searles Valley, just over the mountains to the west of Death Valley, and being out here toward the end of July it was a warm day.
More To Come
In 3 days of shooting we visited Lucerne Valley, Trona, Joshua Tree NP, Indio and the Salton Sea, after the trip and very much to my surprise, this was the place she liked best.
Wind In My Hair
We've even considered coming back her when she returns, and we probably would if this was any closer to our planned route on the next road trip.
Distant Flower
So maybe next year we will return, most likely to do an early morning sunrise out here.
How Could This Be Real
This is a tough environment, the rock looks similar to coral, you have to be quite careful where you step.
Welcome To The Dream
This last photo is more of a candid shot as Felicity was climbing up one of the large hills, a great day in a quite unusual place.
"It seems so utterly naive that landscape - not that of the pictorial school - is not considered of "social significance" when it has a far more important bearing on the human race of a given locale than excrescences called cities." ~Edward Weston,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Franck Leclercq

More Amazing manipulations of my work by phenomenal artist and friend, Franck Leclercq
Postcard (Felicity)
Postcard, from my shoot with Felicity, Southeast Asia to Mojave desert, and then straight into my heart.
Dark Angel (Conundra)
Dark Angel, and Conundra is amazing, a beautiful rare soul I truly cherish.
End Of Days (Mila)
End Of Days, Mila is one I could never shoot with enough, not ever.
Flying To Paradise (Pearl)
Flying To Paradise, Pearl is a most rare and precious gift, she believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself, my angel.
Purple Dream
Purple Dream, and Katz Pajamaz, amazing talent and pure artist, her work is incredible, her love is divine.
Mermaid Rain (Shelby Katz)
Mermaid Rain and the ever enchanting Shelby Katz, beautiful dreams are made from this.

"Adventure is not only measured in kilometers. Strong emotions are not only found in front of the Parthenon. Emotion, if you are worthy of it, will be felt before the smile of a child returning home with his school books, a tulip in a vase touched by a ray of sunlight, or the face of a beloved woman." ~Willie Ronis

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fate and Felicity

Almost a year ago I happened to find a very gifted self portrait artist living and working in Asia, I was immediately enchanted by her style and exceptional work. Not just that either because like me, she enjoyed experimenting with light & form, color & shadow
Take It Back
Among our discussions at one point I asked about working with another photographer, thinking of myself of course and truly was not surprised by her response when she said it wasn't very likely that we'd ever meet in person.
The Wind In My Hair
I guess the saying is true about being careful what you wish for because in a twist of fate and one amazing opportunity, we did in fact meet. And not only did we meet but we just did a 3 day desert road trip and photo shoot. I feel so incredibly blessed and very thankful that I can write this, it is an amazing feeling and a dream come true that I can post, Felicity in my deserts...
Two Steps
I practically overslept but I was able to scramble through a quick shower and get dressed by 4:15am, only 15 minutes late, Felicity was waiting for me, I had camera's loaded and most everything ready to go so by we were on the road shortly thereafter. Stopping at a Starbucks at 5 then a grocery store for flowers, we were in Lucerne just after the sun.
Portrait Of A Self Portrait Artist
First the flowers with the Holga, we worked on the dry lake bed for a a couple of hours, then up into the hills behind, after this we found a couple of abandoned buildings for another hour or two then headed toward Apple Valley and lunch. 
Living In Boxes
It was a bit of a whirlwind shoot because there were three main destinations in the three days, aside from Lucerne all were spaced fairly far apart, the Trona Pinnacles, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea were the main goals, we also visited the Indio canyons and the San Bernardino mountains.
Dream Shadows
These three days went by so fast, we were shooting and driving in the heat of the desert in July, savoring the sunrises and sunsets and getting what we could in between. The second day we decided to find a motel and do some work inside, this was a chance to get off the road for a bit, also an opportunity for Felicity to do some self portraits. We were without a real plan but made good use of the space, the light and especially the air conditioning.
So that's the story in a nutshell, we admired each others photographic style after finding each other on the Internet, we thought about what it might be like to meet and work together, and then with the opportunity ...and plane fare, we made a plan and did it. Across the ocean and into the desert, 3 days of adventure and wandering, we had fun, we did what we love to do and if this wasn't a wondrous gift enough, we met as distant acquaintances and parted close friends. Everything is possible.
Made Of Dreams
"Sometimes a photograph offers the photographer a gift he didn't expect, a marvelous detail - what the eye longing for meaning sees unconsciously, and includes. How wonderful it is that the decision to take a photograph is mysterious - giving us, like love, more than we bargained for." ~John Rosenthal