Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Franck Leclercq

More Amazing manipulations of my work by phenomenal artist and friend, Franck Leclercq
Postcard (Felicity)
Postcard, from my shoot with Felicity, Southeast Asia to Mojave desert, and then straight into my heart.
Dark Angel (Conundra)
Dark Angel, and Conundra is amazing, a beautiful rare soul I truly cherish.
End Of Days (Mila)
End Of Days, Mila is one I could never shoot with enough, not ever.
Flying To Paradise (Pearl)
Flying To Paradise, Pearl is a most rare and precious gift, she believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself, my angel.
Purple Dream
Purple Dream, and Katz Pajamaz, amazing talent and pure artist, her work is incredible, her love is divine.
Mermaid Rain (Shelby Katz)
Mermaid Rain and the ever enchanting Shelby Katz, beautiful dreams are made from this.

"Adventure is not only measured in kilometers. Strong emotions are not only found in front of the Parthenon. Emotion, if you are worthy of it, will be felt before the smile of a child returning home with his school books, a tulip in a vase touched by a ray of sunlight, or the face of a beloved woman." ~Willie Ronis