Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holly Loveday

This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a phenomenal talent and truly beautiful person, Holly Loveday!
Our plan was to shoot in an area of desert closer to her then my usual meanderings, which happened to be an area I'm not very familiar with so I spent several days searching online resources for any interesting locations I could find. I printed some maps and had a vague idea where we could go to find some interesting old buildings and nice desert terrain.
As it got closer to the weekend it became apparent that our chances for good weather were slim, in fact, as late as the day before an 80% chance of rain was predicted for most of the morning, wind and cold temperatures the balance of the day, a non-photographic meaning of the term 'exposure'. I actually suggested to Holly that we consider rescheduling the shoot to which she challenged... "where's your sense of adventure?"
I left early, my thought was to get there in plenty of time to scout a couple of places prior to picking up Holly, a good plan I thought until I ran into a massive traffic backup just 40 miles south of her. This used up all the time I had set aside for any pre-shoot scouting. This shoot was becoming one of those times when nothing was going to go right, boy was I wrong!
It rained but cleared and the sun came out just before it was time to shoot, but the winds came in force, and it was cold! And Holly? Didn't phase her at all, she is in a word, Amazing. At one point the wind picked up a piece of wood paneling that hit the Jeep doing some minor damage, while we just kept at it and in spite of the conditions, smiled in the face of adversity ;) and found some nice locations along the way, what a day, what an artist!! What an adventure. 
"If you're lucky enough to have something magical happening in front of your camera, don't let it go. Keep shooting until the light fades, the magic evaporates or you or your subject have to leave." ~Steve Simon

Friday, January 20, 2012


I had the very special opportunity to work with an extremely talented photographer and model, Erintheartist.
Travel California
A chance meeting the night before, Pearl and I had scheduled a shoot for the next day so we asked Erin to join us on a run out to the high desert.
I was somewhat familiar with her modeling work having seen her image in other photographers portfolios, meeting her was really wonderful and getting the chance to work with her was amazing.
Saturday evening I got to see work she had printed, she has an amazing amount of talent, her work can be seen various places, including here:


Getting to watch her work was inspiring, I only hope I didn't get too much in her way and hope she'll consider working together when she is back in town.
Between Earth & Sky
"I consider my images to be illustrations of my conscious and unconscious dreams, emotions and longings." ~Rocky Schenck

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harper Lake

Harper (dry) Lake has been a fun location over the past two years.
Birth Of A Day
It was Pearl who introduced me to the area in Mojave near Hinkley, CA
My Oasis
This last time out however the place was crawling with constructions workers because they are doing a huge expansion to the solar collector fields out here.
Pillars Of Creation
So I doubt I'll be back out there any time soon, in the meantime here are some of my favorite shots from this location...
Lonely Sea
Edge Of The Dream

My Very Breath

When We Die
"My work is done. Why wait?" ~George Eastman - who ended his life with this note.