Friday, January 20, 2012


I had the very special opportunity to work with an extremely talented photographer and model, Erintheartist.
Travel California
A chance meeting the night before, Pearl and I had scheduled a shoot for the next day so we asked Erin to join us on a run out to the high desert.
I was somewhat familiar with her modeling work having seen her image in other photographers portfolios, meeting her was really wonderful and getting the chance to work with her was amazing.
Saturday evening I got to see work she had printed, she has an amazing amount of talent, her work can be seen various places, including here:


Getting to watch her work was inspiring, I only hope I didn't get too much in her way and hope she'll consider working together when she is back in town.
Between Earth & Sky
"I consider my images to be illustrations of my conscious and unconscious dreams, emotions and longings." ~Rocky Schenck


  1. This is one marvelous model - THAT HAIR!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is Awsom Just Took My Breath Away!!!