Friday, October 31, 2014

Featured in Clear Nude Magazine
Recently I was featured in the 3rd issue of Clear Nude magazine.
Click this link to purchase your copy
Three of my pictures were selected to be printed.

Felicity and I also published an ad in the magazine!
"No other subject is so indicative of the photographer’s taste and talent as the nude." ~Peter Lacey

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Valley Of The Gods

We spent the long weekend on a road trip to Utah and back.
Rocks & Fans
We awoke at sunrise for photos.
Open Road
There are spirits here.
We arrived just as the sun was setting but still light enough to find a decent place to camp for the night.
Delicate Balance
There is one small sign on the highway to signify the turn off to Valley of the Gods Road, more of a gravel path, as it seemed both times I have been out here, only a rare few people visit this area.
Blind Side
 It is a peaceful and amazing place, I wish we lived closer to it.
Circle of Time
If you like the atypical southwestern landscape this is a great place to visit, it's like Monument Valley but on a much smaller scale. The road can be traversed in a car with a an average clearance and it's a great place to take pictures, hike, wander or simply meditate.
Hopefully we'll be back sometime soon, we had a good time and got some great pictures, I also took a few that I compiled for the calendar linked below. 

Please feel free to share and/or buy a couple
Valley Of The Gods Calendar
"For me the creation of a photograph is experienced as a heightened emotional response, most akin to poetry and music, each image the culmination of a compelling impulse I cannot deny." ~Ruth Bernhard

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The 395 Inland Passage

We took a trip along the 395 in California, also known as the Inland Passage, beginning in the Mojave desert near Hesperia, California where it begins, we took it as far as Carson City, Nevada.
Outside The Fence
The road is popular and it has it's own web site:
Lunar Rover
Our first goal was to shoot at Mono Lake, a saline soda lake best known for the tufa spires on the southern shore.
Broke Down Earth
We found remnants of the mines along the eastern Sierras and strange salt formations near the lake.
Sand Tables
We also visited Red Rock Canyon State Park on our way.
A Long Way Down
We took a chance by going so early in the year, in other years there would be snow all through the areas we went, this year the snow was minimal even though it was still very cold.
This was a fun adventure that ended much too quickly, I hope we can do it again during a much warmer time of year.
Memory Lane
"You have to follow your instinct all the time. Otherwise you don't make it." ~Ruth Bernhard

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Death Valley in May

I'm finally getting back to shooting after a period of time away.
The Dry Valley
The weekend of May 24th. Felicity and I decided to go on a short road trip to Death Valley National Park in California.
Voices Of The Past
We camped in the mountains at Wild Rose the first night, but it was so cold up there that we decided to try the basin the next night.
Sand In My Hair
This proved to be not the greatest of ideas because the next night it didn't cool down until very late, at 9pm it was still over 100 Fahrenheit (38 c)
We visited the most common places in the park on this trip, Eureka mine, the sand dunes, Scotty's Castle, the Racetrack, etc etc and the photo above is from the Devil's Golf Course.
The Near Miss
Even in these conditions it was over way too soon, we had a good time up there taking pictures.
Ashford Mill
I'm certain in time we'll be back.
"If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you're not out there, you'll only hear about it." ~Jay Maisel