Thursday, July 19, 2012

Logan & Shelby

On the weekend prior to their anniversary, I had the opportunity to again work with Logan & Shelby.
One Plus One
They are wonderful to work with! We basically planned the shoot in two parts, first an early morning trip into the hills and up to a mine in the mountains and then back home for some indoor images using available light.
Heart's Garden
So we headed north toward the mountains taking advantage of a couple of locations we found along the way, then spending some time investigating the area around the mine. 
Gold Mine

When the temperature climbed we headed toward home, but this abandoned trailer caught my eye as we were leaving Anza, so we had to use it. 
This World
One of the great things about the mountains, and the desert most times is the clean air, clean light and deep blue skies, and of course having two wonderful nude models along never hurts!
Rainbow Newsstand
We had so much fun wandering some back roads and exploring the mountains.

Back to base camp and switching gears for some more intimate portraits.
Good times, great people, Shelby is so totally natural in front of a camera.
Her Way
We have another shoot penciled in for September, I can't hardly wait!
Lovers Touch
"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us." ~Ralph Hattersley

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beautiful Mila

While on her way up the coast on a road trip, my friend and Muse, Mila stopped by for a day of adventure and photos and it's always a special treat when I get to see her!
Rite Of Spring
We started the day in the hills just north of Apple Valley, the first shots we did were a re-shoot for my flower series, the images we did in December didn't turn out because the shutter had broken on my Holga. This time they did and so beautifully, I'll soon be putting them together for presentation. 
Study Of Form
Each time we've had the opportunity to shoot it's been wonderful and magical, and this was no exception.
Fresh Air
Other than redoing the flower shot we had no plan, no real concepts and in fact decided were to go only after we were on the road, I'm not sure if the adventure came as a result of the photos or the other way around, but either way a day with Mila is always good day indeed.
Hands Of Stone
Knowing the desert heat of the afternoon would make life out there uncomfortable at best, when the temp rose, the sunlight started to get harsh and the shadows shortened we headed for the mountains. Taking the truck trail that winds it's way up on the north side of the San Bernardino mountains, through some small valleys and into the forest. Then we took a short detour to a mountain creek I know of up there and perfect timing for some shade and cool water, eventually wrapping up the day at Big Bear lake. 

Mila is truly one of a kind heart & soul, I can't tell you how much I adore her and so love the work we do during the times we can get together, and I'm super excited because we are planning a short road trip for this fall through Nevada, Utah & New Mexico and some of the most unique places and terrain on the planet. 
A Step At A Time
"The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations - each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony." ~Ruth Bernhard
Stationary Objects
Trapped In A Memory

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rusty & Katz

I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a fantastic pair of talented art models, Rusty Shackelford and his lovely wife Katz Pajamaz.
We spent the first day, a Saturday afternoon in a hotel suite, rearranging furniture and generally brainstorming concepts and ideas, a few we worked out before the shoot and some came to mind once we were there and saw the space. Using a combination of natural and artificial light it was a lot of fun simply working through our ideas and trying new ones. 
Secret Spaces
Sunday morning, day 2, we were determined to be out at a desert location at daybreak so we got up butt crack early and hit the road before 5, we were generously rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.
I had a couple of places in mind but as usual we were also open to what we found out there.
I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was to collaborate with these two, they are both so very artistic and work together so well, they are what I would say is the perfect team!
The Confusion Of Man
Both have worked with fantastic photographers and artists and it's easy to see why they are highly sought after.
Perchance To Dream
I still have a good portion of the shoot to go through and edit, but I could not be happier with what we captured, but not just that, it was a wonderful and fun weekend with down to earth great people!

"Part of it has to do with the discipline of being actively receptive. At the core of this receptivity is a process that might be called soft eyes. It is a physical sensation. You are not looking for something. You are open, receptive. At some point you are in front of something that you cannot ignore." ~Henry Wessel

Good Clean Fun

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Shooting more with the Holga 120N, and loving the results. I'll get the hang of this little camera yet!
Out My Back Door
For a little plastic box with limited control, it's amazing what it captures, you can in essence adjust the focal length by turning the lens barrel and there is a slider button for aperture control, "control" in the loosest sense of the term, or, as the manual states, depending upon whether the conditions are "sunny, or, not so sunny".
I also love this statement from the manual, "Holga is a study in plastic imperfection. To use it is an exercise in breaking free from the dependence on technology." I'm using it much more now and experimenting with it, I'll shoot with my digital camera when I need to be more sure of the result, and with the Holga when I want to be surprised!
I've been sticking with Kodak Portra 400 color film, it seems the most versatile so far, I tried 800 speed film hoping to get some images in low light, but for me a nice sunny day is where this camera fits me best.
A couple of models upon seeing me pull the Holga from my camera bag have given me quizzical looks, akin to pulling out a camera phone to shoot with.
The Holga is definitely old school and as basic as it gets, I think this is a big part of it's appeal.
Google Holga and you will find pages and pages of information, images, groups and contests, I have come across several galleries who feature images created using plastic lens cameras, some of the work is really amazing.
I'll be taking this camera along on every photo shoot from now on, who knows, I may just shoot something worthy of gallery space one day!
"The standard of photography is rectangles, straight-edged images. It's just an arbitrary standard. The way I print mine, and the way the Holga sees, is not that way. So I am playing on that even more by cutting them out in this round way and trying to open people up to different ways of seeing the world and presenting photography.
But also to me, the Holga, the way these images are, that they are sharp in the center and they vignette in the corners is more how we really see. When you're looking at the world, you're not seeing a scene that is sharp all the way to the edges and bright all the way to the edges and has straight lines. You're seeing something sharp in the center and then the rest of it is all kind of blurring out." ~
Michelle Bates