Thursday, July 19, 2012

Logan & Shelby

On the weekend prior to their anniversary, I had the opportunity to again work with Logan & Shelby.
One Plus One
They are wonderful to work with! We basically planned the shoot in two parts, first an early morning trip into the hills and up to a mine in the mountains and then back home for some indoor images using available light.
Heart's Garden
So we headed north toward the mountains taking advantage of a couple of locations we found along the way, then spending some time investigating the area around the mine. 
Gold Mine

When the temperature climbed we headed toward home, but this abandoned trailer caught my eye as we were leaving Anza, so we had to use it. 
This World
One of the great things about the mountains, and the desert most times is the clean air, clean light and deep blue skies, and of course having two wonderful nude models along never hurts!
Rainbow Newsstand
We had so much fun wandering some back roads and exploring the mountains.

Back to base camp and switching gears for some more intimate portraits.
Good times, great people, Shelby is so totally natural in front of a camera.
Her Way
We have another shoot penciled in for September, I can't hardly wait!
Lovers Touch
"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us." ~Ralph Hattersley