Friday, September 21, 2012


Collaborators, partners, couples, mates, significant others, friends, lovers and spouses, at one time or another, yesterday, today and tomorrow, there are photographers & models, artists & Muse and for that matter husbands & wives working together in art nude photography.
Window To My World
And why should this be any different than say, basket weaving? When people meet, become close and are passionate about what they love to do and stay together, it seems like a win win situation to me.
Thinking Of You Forever
Someone once asked me, "do you mean to tell me you take these women out to the desert and all you do is photograph them?" Well, yeah, that's what we do, what we create, the reason we go out there, the question reeks of chauvinism though, don't you think? Perhaps nude photography is different in this one respect, people are more apt to presume.
Want You
I happened upon a comment by Andrew Chambers that led me to the book, "The Model Wife" by Arthur Ollman in which he outlines the lives of some of the more famous photographers who's Muse also happened to be their wife. I haven't read the book but the idea struck me a long time ago, it seemed completely logical that when two people shared the same aesthetic and desire, it would show in their work, I would bet.
In All The World
And sometimes, if you are really lucky, you may find someone who is the yin to your yang, shadow & light, someone that steps in front of your camera and into your life, be it photographer or model, whom you connect on a deeper level. We can read about those who found this relationship and I for one have always envied them, it would seem however, that I have been blessed very recently with a similar fate. And I am very happy to say that the images on the blog today are those I did with a very special woman in my life, very special.

Slave To The Clock
"I am not a painter, nor an artist. Therefore I can see straight, and that may be my undoing." ~Alfred Stieglitz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making Plans

I wonder how many times we make future plans in one lifetime, have you made plans that never worked out? I have certainly made my share.
My Back To The Door
The marriage that ends in divorce is a failed plan, business plans fail by the thousands, lunch plans fall through, that plan to lose weight, quit smoking, visit some exotic place... plans for the future are subject to change, like dreams & wishes I suppose.
Fly Again
And then sometimes a plan comes together, in spite of our best efforts or perhaps because of them the stars align, the weather is favorable, the light cooperates and somehow the best case scenario plays itself out. After all what else can we do but try?
Turn My Back On Time
I worked with Felicity for 3 days at the end of July, the first time we met face to face and what turned out to be what I could call 'perfect timing', although I wouldn't have predicted it based on the last minute schedule changes and several other issues that seemed to crop up. Nevertheless we got together for a southern California desert road trip that did indeed live up to our expectations, and exceed them actually.
So much so that we pretty much immediately began making more plans, delaying her return home she purchased plane tickets and I chose new locations. Those 60 some odd hours we spent together in July simply were not enough, we had more to say. much more.
Shadows Of Another Story
Felicity returned to California at the end of August for 18 days and another plan came together, we did 3 more road trips and pushed ourselves to take our work further. Building on our mutual respect, our love of photography and pursuing our own style we were determined to continue creating together.
So now you might guess where this is leading, and although it isn't easy when Felicity and I reside 8,775 miles apart, or, to be more accurate on opposite sides of the planet! It's complicated, but in spite of the distance we are making plans, future plans, because we enjoy working together and this is how we feel about our work together. And I have a theory about plans, I believe if you want something bad enough, everything is possible.
Framing The Shot
"...photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future." ~Sally Mann