Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gone Lost

Abandoned places in the desert.
I love the mood that can come from a place that is empty and/or trashed, structures in the desert are often in various stages of decay or deconstruction, very rarely is there any graffiti.
The Corner Room
Sometimes you find them empty and sometimes full of household items, furniture, the works, as if whoever was living there just up and left every possession behind one day.
Secret Recipe
Sometimes we will look for clues to the mystery of the people who were once there, one thing for certain you never know what you might find.
No Time To Move
It's always interesting to see what we find and how we can use what we find in photos, interpretation of the location and it's state, and what has been left there almost always sparks inspiration.
Flight Of Stairs
It gives us another option when the sun gets overhead and the outdoor light gets harsh, another dimension to the art nude in the desert.
"The camera captures light, our minds capture images." ~Anonymous

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nude But Not Rude

Last night in Pasadena was the opening for "Nude But Nut Rude" at Linus Galleries
I had the honor of very beautiful company, fine art models NevaehLleh, Pearl & Wyldcat all came to the show! I took these photos early in the evening, by 8pm the place was standing room only, in fact Linnea, the owner remarked to me, I think we need more nude shows, maybe become a nude gallery!

"It's the spirit of a person, that really creates something worthwhile." NevaehLleh

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Some of my attempts to capture portraits during my most recent photo shoots.
Katz Pajamaz
Natural light under sometimes crazy conditions, indoors and out, in a beautiful room or the remains of an abandoned dwelling in the desert.
Iota Art & NevaehLleh
Taking a few moments to concentrate on portraiture has helped my focus, I feel it's added a dimension to what I see. 
Mila Ringo
 Edward Weston said: "...success in photography, portraits especially, is dependent on being able to grasp those supreme instants which pass with the ticking of a clock, never to be duplicated - so light, balance - expression must be seen - felt as it were - in a flash, the mechanics and technique being so perfected in one as to be absolutely automatic."
Sunshine In The Desert
Putting the nude in the landscape is emotive and beautiful, portraits however are more personal and so as opposed to the landscape where my subject is one with the surroundings, in portraiture we explore personality.
Again I cannot say how fortunate I have been to work with people so unique and so giving to my work, my projects, my style and my learning, especially my learning.
Iota Art
Annie Leibovitz said, "A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." This is a key I have learned and regardless of what you do, be it cooking, art, dance, photography or what have you, do it with love and the results will be there.
Shelby Katz
And shoot from the heart.
Pearl Pardo

Shelby Katz & Katz Pajamaz
"I hate cameras. They interfere, they’re always in the way. I wish: if I could just work with my eyes alone. To get a satisfactory print, one that contains all that you intended, is very often more difficult and dangerous than the sitting itself. When I’m photographing, I immediately know when I’ve got the image I really want. But to get the image out of the camera and into the open, is another matter." ~Richard Avedon