Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 In Review

I began 2013 by traveling to Singapore and spending a wonderful 8 days there, getting the chance to also shoot with Felicity at the same time.
See The Reason
After returning to California, I went back out to the desert with Pearl in April when the weather warmed up.
It was nice to be able to work with her again even though it was still cool and windy the day we went out.
Long Day
In August I worked with Alessandra.
But this was pretty much the extent of my shooting in 2013, as you can tell by my lack of blog entries and general absence - I let this year slip by without shooting much.

Ephemera Thoughts

Then in October, Felicity flew back to the United States.
We've been able to do a limited amount of work together so far, but with the holidays and cold weather, long road trips to the desert will have to wait until spring.
The Stranger
And then,we'll be out there creating, we have a long list of ideas and concepts we've been ready to work on.
"There is no such thing as taking too much time, because your soul is in that picture." ~Ruth Bernhard