Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nude But Not Rude

Last night in Pasadena was the opening for "Nude But Nut Rude" at Linus Galleries
I had the honor of very beautiful company, fine art models NevaehLleh, Pearl & Wyldcat all came to the show! I took these photos early in the evening, by 8pm the place was standing room only, in fact Linnea, the owner remarked to me, I think we need more nude shows, maybe become a nude gallery!

"It's the spirit of a person, that really creates something worthwhile." NevaehLleh


  1. It does not have to be rude,some of my best and highly r
    egarded prints are nude but not rude..peter nude photographer..

  2. I enjoy everything put on this Blog!!! All Great Art. Look at Pearl You would never know it was Her in the Art!! That`s David Winge`s Art! Just Awsom!!!