Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gone Lost

Abandoned places in the desert.
I love the mood that can come from a place that is empty and/or trashed, structures in the desert are often in various stages of decay or deconstruction, very rarely is there any graffiti.
The Corner Room
Sometimes you find them empty and sometimes full of household items, furniture, the works, as if whoever was living there just up and left every possession behind one day.
Secret Recipe
Sometimes we will look for clues to the mystery of the people who were once there, one thing for certain you never know what you might find.
No Time To Move
It's always interesting to see what we find and how we can use what we find in photos, interpretation of the location and it's state, and what has been left there almost always sparks inspiration.
Flight Of Stairs
It gives us another option when the sun gets overhead and the outdoor light gets harsh, another dimension to the art nude in the desert.
"The camera captures light, our minds capture images." ~Anonymous

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