Friday, August 17, 2012

Felicity in Trona

When Felicity came to shoot in the desert with me one of the places we visited was the Trona Pinnacles.
Foreign Lands
Interesting geological formations in Searles Valley, just over the mountains to the west of Death Valley, and being out here toward the end of July it was a warm day.
More To Come
In 3 days of shooting we visited Lucerne Valley, Trona, Joshua Tree NP, Indio and the Salton Sea, after the trip and very much to my surprise, this was the place she liked best.
Wind In My Hair
We've even considered coming back her when she returns, and we probably would if this was any closer to our planned route on the next road trip.
Distant Flower
So maybe next year we will return, most likely to do an early morning sunrise out here.
How Could This Be Real
This is a tough environment, the rock looks similar to coral, you have to be quite careful where you step.
Welcome To The Dream
This last photo is more of a candid shot as Felicity was climbing up one of the large hills, a great day in a quite unusual place.
"It seems so utterly naive that landscape - not that of the pictorial school - is not considered of "social significance" when it has a far more important bearing on the human race of a given locale than excrescences called cities." ~Edward Weston,

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