Friday, November 25, 2011

Desert X2

Dejan Dizda is originally from Yugoslavia and now living in Israel & Serbia.
Desert Gallery I (©2010-2011 Dejan Dizda)
His work is among my very favorite images and is also known worldwide, photographing nudes in places such as the Dead Sea, the Nagev & Judean deserts, Dejan has previously invited me to visit Israel and I surely wish I could, I so love his locations!
Storm (©2010-2011 Dejan Dizda)
Then the other day I received a message from him that he will be visiting California and my deserts, the deserts of the southwest US, and needless to say when he asked me to join him I about fell off my chair. So on March 5-12, 2012 we will be shooting together, with two models in places such as Death Valley and the deserts of Arizona and Utah.
Thirst (©2010-2011 Dejan Dizda)
I feel very privileged to be a part of this project, we have a similar respect and love of, the nude in the desert.
Time never Sleeps
Plans are just beginning to come together and specific locations may vary slightly but we've chosen some key places already, a couple I have already shot in and so very much looking forward to returning to!
On The Surface
Isn't the best way to celebrate life to live it?
Gift Of Life

"The camera is just a box. What's important it's what is in your mind." ~Bill Snyder


  1. THAT is just awesome!! How exciting!

  2. Thanks David! I'm so looking forward to realize this "Arizona Dream". With You, the experience will be something to remember.

  3. Well I haft to Repeat!!! All these Photos are so Exciting! They take My Breath Away!

  4. I so wish I could join this adventure!