Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Without Vision... A People Perish

Direction is not always so easy to navigate.
Without Vision.. A People Perish
The middle of last week came and I still had not made plans to shoot on the weekend, I used to plan and schedule photo shoots weeks in advance, but recently I've been taking them as they come. I did want to shoot though, and put out a call on Facebook hoping someone I'd worked with in the past would notice.
NevaehLleh saw my post and responded and although she was working in the early afternoon she very graciously offered her morning to me. I really wanted to work on portraiture and get some editorial style shots into my current portfolio, and luckily for me Conundra was also available so I picked them up and the three of us meandered around old town for several hours Saturday morning.
Take My Very Breath
These guys are great, I had no plan just a sketchy outline, as it turned out I didn't need a plan, as long as I had two amazing people and a camera!
After shooting until the light turned harsh around 11am or so, I headed up to the high desert for a shoot with Pearl, again, no plan not even a destination in mind. Saturday I shot photos beginning near sunrise, a short drive and lunch break then more photos all the way to sunset, and I love everything we captured. So it seems that as I search for direction, I am in very good hands.
"I never have taken a picture I've intended. They're always better or worse." ~ Diane Arbus

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