Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lester Dale Mine

So much to say and so little time, so the blog posts have been delayed.
Miss Direction
These are from a recent trip out to the Lester Dale mine, above is a behind the scenes photo of Brooke (Rebelflowers Photography) working with Pearl, Brooke is not so easy to spot so I like to call it Miss Direction. Below is another photo of Brooke shooting Pearl, half the day and the woman just would not get out of my way! LOL, we had just an awesome time up there.
Brooke and Pearl
Here is one Brooke took of me setting up a shot. (Courtesy RF Photography)
Shooting Pearl
Here I am with Pearl at the Silver Reef Mine which is just down the road from Lester Dale. (Courtesy RF Photography)
Pearl took this one of Brooke and I with RocksAnne, are these beginning to look like vacation pictures? It's a treat for me as typically out on a shoot it's only myself and a model.
The Lester Dale gold mine was active until around 1952, it is located along the northern side of the San Bernardino mountains facing Johnson Valley. There are several buildings here and at some point the whole area got pretty well trashed by party animals, but in the last few years people have been coming out here and cleaning the place up, painting over the graffiti and removing the garbage.
Brooke did the research that discovered this location, when she told me about it I knew we had to go, the best and worst about photography in remote desert locations are the conditions and the conditions. Regardless it was another awesome adventure with super great people.
The Illusion Of Light
"When people ask what equipment I use ........ I tell them my eyes!" ~Steve Denby


  1. just love what you create around these old buildings David, just beautiful light, models and photography ,

    I guess I have to build one in my studio now LOL


  2. Thank you so much Phillip, one of these days we MUST take you out there!!!