Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon in Victorville

It was too cold to run out to the desert with night time temps in the 20's, so I met Pearl on Sunday afternoon and we just wandered in and around town for a bit.
These Days
We didn't spend too much time on 7th Street in Old Town, almost everything there is now closed and boarded up, it's so desolate it resembles a movie set. We also drove down Route 66 and failed in an attempt to get down to the creek from Oro Grande, had a brief conversation with a guy on a dirt bike looking for the same, then we stopped by a short row of trees in the sunlight before heading back to town.
Last night while looking over the images from this shoot I got this feeling of evolution, because regardless of how many photos I take of Pearl there is always something new in the very next one, not simply a new pose or new location, something more, something never seen before. 
Maybe it is the evolution of our vision more than a change in style or a deviation in our work, it is the story moving forward, time moves on and things change perhaps this is the photographic equivalent.
On Sunday Pearl told me she sometimes enjoys looking back at our earliest work and watching the progression from those first photo shoots and how the images have changed over time. I think each photo shoot has in some way helped to shape the next one, and so on in an ever evolving process of refining and seeking to explore and share that which we experience. 
I Tried To Call
What's going to happen in 2012 who knows, my hope is I can keep telling the stories, taking the photos and going on adventures, because there is still so much to say and we've barely scratched the surface, and besides, everything is possible.

"The world is one huge canvas, find your location and expose your film passionately!" ~Steve Denby

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