Thursday, March 1, 2012

Testing the waters

Pearl & I have been shooting together for several years now, which translates to many early mornings and longs days traveling through the deserts of southern California. For years now we have worked really hard to create the best images we could, which has truly been a labor of love.
Object Of Thought
This past November we were planning another shoot but the wind and cold of the high desert would have made shooting out there uncomfortable at best, and more torture than fun. So for something different and in an attempt to expand our repertoire, we moved inside to shoot in natural light and under regular room light. We were very happy with the images and even more so to capture some very good images and be successful in testing ourselves in a new genre and new environment,  
It was exciting to see that we could do beautiful images so far out of our normal zone, it was encouraging and inspiring as well, and so we decided to experiment even further and into a more erotic style. I can only leave it to the viewer to decide whether we've been successful but I can say that Pearl & I love the work, in all the time we've been working together we always have.
I don't see this as a natural progression or direction or anything like that, I see it as two people doing what they love and trying new things, our last shoot included some bondage, but also chocolate sauce, strawberries, a collar, a bit of lingerie, some conservative art nude, some erotica and a little green hat with spiders on it.
My feeling as well as Pearl's is this experimentation can only serve to improve our work, we haven't changed, only expanded and tested the waters, we plan on doing more desert art nudes this summer and taking what we've learned to further define our work, we actually have a lot of concepts in the works across several genres. I hope we can be successful at everything we try, one thing for certain, we can't be successful if we don't try.
Stay Awhile

"I want to reach people inside, way down — to give them a quiver in their stomach. I've reached a certain plateau at this point, where I can sense an even greater intensity in a situation than I'm able to get on film. That's what I've got to learn to capture, even if it takes the rest of my life." ~Roy DeCarava

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  1. This is really Nice. Love the Intense Beauty of Pearl thru the Pictures.