Thursday, February 23, 2012

San Diego

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego and work with the amazing Katz Pajamaz
Using GoogleEarth I thought I spotted several good locations, and also found an old bridge, as we drove by the bridge we found it very overly populated by people, hikers and dog walkers. It seemed there was plenty of open space further east, lots of Jeep trails along rolling hills where we could work, but as we drove along I discovered basically that every trail had a fence or locked gate.
Undaunted, we headed for the hills, planning to return to the bridge later in the day with the hopes most of the humanity there had headed home. I did have a map to a second location but I over shot the turn off, so we turned around and while I drove Katz searched using the GPS, We did eventually find the general area we were looking for, but the skies were overcast, the roads narrow, we made the call to just use an open area near a creek bed.
So we parked Rocksy and climbed down a small hill, beautiful rocks and trees, small but usable, the sun would peek through the clouds every so often but mostly we had overcast. I can't say enough about Katz Pajamaz, her photo should be in Wiki when you look up the definition of Art Model, she's phenomenal and did we ever make the most of the space and light we had.
Reclaiming The Inner Goddess
I'm not sure how long we shot up there, but since it was a long drive back to the bridge, we got what we could, shot images in the trees, on the rocks, a small open bridge, did the shots for my flower series, jumped back in the Jeep and headed for Sweetwater Bridge. I'm looking forward to shooting with her again near the end of March, but out in the desert, for a couple of reasons, lack of fences, she's wonderful company, an amazing model and she makes the best damn cookies I've ever tasted!
Sweetwater Bridge
"The thing that's important to know is that you never know. You're always sort of feeling your way." ~Diane Arbus


  1. *Blush* It was MY pleasure! :-)

  2. As always, a marvelous outcome with a gorgeous muse and a synergy of creative energies.

  3. i luv the bridge/muse image - great job,

  4. Great Pictures So many Beautiful Places in Southern California. Katz is so Perfect in these Shots!!!