Thursday, February 16, 2012

Desert Wedding

Yes, I know the title of the blog is Desert Art Nude, but tell me, who can resist a pretty girl in a wedding dress?
Desert Wedding
We were out shooting in the Antelope Valley on a cold and windy day, not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.
A Heart For A Picket Fence
Pearl brought along a beautiful wedding gown.
The Day We Said Goodbye
I did my best to help her with the dress, you can probably envision the scene, strong blowing winds, a big dress with a train, a photographer who is all thumbs and this tiny effing miniature zipper, it's a good thing no one was nearby with a camera!
The Big Day
Plus a few wonderful people we found who helped us out, but as the story ends ...there are still places to go.
What I Must Do
"I think it very important never to confuse psychology or literature with photography. This is why I wouldn’t dream of trying to explain my work. Thus my pictures are quite simple: me, thinking in images." ~Sam Haskins