Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pieces Of White

"In a world still largely stigmatized against nudity, one begins to wonder what it is that inspires these people towards works like theirs." ~Felicity
In her just published book, Pieces of White, Felicity tells the story of how she began doing self portrait nudes, and has included 37 of her best images. This book is exceptional, it is a very personal and intimate look into who Felicity is and how she began shooting self portraits, it's about turning adversity into opportunity. Find this book here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3666453 Or by clicking on any of the photos on the blog.
Self-Censorship: Tres
"My story has its origins rooted deep in the coercion and craving for acceptance in a particularly damaging teenage relationship." ~Felicity.
Ridges and Bumps
Her work is truly exceptional, as is her attitude, she is a pleasure to be around and hopefully I will get the chance to be with her and work with her a long into the future.
Chasing Shadows on Rainy Days
"The second turning point, then, hit one morning when I glimpsed strong sunlight on myself. And, once you've seen the light, it's not something you can, or want to, let go of." ~Felicity
Light Waves
"To date, natural light is still my favourite light source for pictures, for the richness it gives to the gradients in photographs." ~Felicity
Afternoon Whimsies
Once she saw the light, her work took on an entirely new meaning and took on a new direction, Felicity has been able to elevate her work from snapshot to fine art. I highly recommend this Beautiful book!
Straight Edges
Everything is shared by everything else; there are no discontinuities. - Frederick Sommer

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