Friday, October 26, 2012

Taken By The Magic

I've just published my second book - Pearl - Taken By The Magic
Taken By The Magic
I've based this book on my work with one art model, Pearl and I have made many trips out to remote desert locations under all imaginable conditions, simply for the love of art and the ability to create. This book represents the work we've done together up to the present and I've included some of the images we've done based on individual concepts we've come up with, it's not all desert as you'll see. 
The idea behind putting this book together has been on my mind for almost 2 years
What others have said of our work:
"A true muse can have an unparalleled influence on an artist, and inspire a wealth of creativity, Together the artist and the muse blend into a force
of overpowering imagination that grows, matures, and continues to bring a
sense of inspiration to all of those who bear witness to their combined
Having watched David & Pearl's work together over the years, I began to
wonder just who is the artist and who is the muse. They communicate on a
level of trust, and a respectful pushing of each other's boundaries to do
more, to seek an internal originality that allows us, their viewers, a
glimpse into their paired vision. Being able to witness the beauty they can create together is a magical experience, all on it's own." ~Brooke Suzanne, Photographer- Rebelflowers Photography
My muse: Pearl. Three simple words but they signify a great journey that these two have gone on together. I first connected with D Winge Photography at place on the internet called, of all things, Deviantart. I was immediately attracted to the desert scenes and soon found that one of David's primary subjects was a woman called Pearl. These two together consistently created some great art. It was here that I first gathered an understanding of what a muse really is. Now I spend a lot of my time shooting looking for that ultimate connection. You and your muse. Thanks for the fantastic inspiration you two have given me. Now all I need is a muse. ~Kurt, Kurts Stolen Moments Photography
"Photographing someone is one of the most intimate things you can do between two people, capturing a little piece of their soul, one frame at a time. It requires a real amount of trust and respect to get something amazing, but the relationship between the Muse and Photographer is something altogether different. A Muse inspires the photographer to be better, they bounce off each other to create something more than either could do individually. The Muse/Photographer relationship not only needs trust and respect but also requires friendship in order to really flourish, if you put all these elements together the images that come from it are always that much better. This relationship is evident in the work that David and Pearl produce because all of their images display this certain magic that can only come from this sort of connection." ~Scott James Prebble
"In all the world, there is nothing more intriguing or incredible than the impact of a muse on an artist. In the realm of the photographer, that relationship can become something even more, two artists, the one with a camera, the other with an ability to perform for the lens. Together, they truly can make magic, and here we have a perfect example of a Pearl before the Lens, interpreted and captured by a very gifted photographer, David Winge. I am pleased to call both of these amazing artists my friends." ~Marion Z. Skydancer - Owner and Artist in Residence - Dragon's Chyld Studio
"I've had the pleasure of working with David, the "D" in D. Winge Photography. The man is an inverse hurricane. He is a calm, quiet force of nature on the outside with a stormy, passionate soul that makes itself known through the unblinking, hard eye of a camera. This combination of calm passion allows models to be comfortable to reach, explore and experiment. I've also watched David work with Pearl. While they shoot they speak far less than one would think. Pearl reaches, David captures and together they make art." ~Dave, Luminon Photography
"A photographic portrait cannot be a mere mechanical recording of fact; it bespeaks some kind of relationship between the photographer and the subject, a relationship that must precede the moment of the photograph. Though the photograph is only a two-dimensional artifact, it is actually a record of a conversation between the photographer and the subject. The photograph now speaks for the subject while the photographer is silent. But though silent, he is not unheard. For in a good portrait there is a revelation: the subject reveals some truth about himself or herself and the photographer reveals some truth about himself or herself. So a good portrait is about human truth." ~Al Ziontz

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  1. I Just can`t get enough of Pearl. Want to get Her Book! Great Pictures posted here this time!