Thursday, July 14, 2011


Often I find that the images I seem to like best, are some of the same images that get the fewest views on the web.
Peaceful Gardens
From my completely unscientific and seat of the pants observation, even though the image above is one of my all time favorite photos of Pearl, it is also one of the lessor viewed in my gallery. Strictly based on number of views overall, no other criteria, sometimes it amazes me.

Today, Asylum Photo shared a story by Michael Zhang · Jul 13, 2011 (the photo is linked to the original post) posted on PetaPixel...

Basically proving how very personal taste really is.

Ironically, I was just discussing something similar last night with a fellow photographer, awhile ago I received this comment on one of my galleries: "A woman with this body deserves a session in the red chair, instead of being lost in a desert landscape." This comment has been quite inspiring for me, which is certainly not what I assume the poster intended. But the truth is I shoot for me and besides, I don't even own a red chair. And so much for being lost, there is a desert nude in the same gallery that will soon be hanging in a real gallery, and I feel like sending an engraved invitation.

"There is no such a thing as artistic photography. In photography, like in all things, there are people who can see and others who cannot even look." ~Nadar


  1. Loved your reply, the last line'!!!,

  2. I like this picture of stairs and that cycle!?.....