Friday, July 8, 2011


I attended a show last night in Pomona where I got to show several prints of my work.
During the course of the evening I had several interesting conversations with both fellow artists and several of the people who had come out for the evening, it's a pleasure to hear their impressions of my work, and their thoughts on it's place in art.
Lost Shadows
It's so encouraging to have people comment that I should be bringing my work to the more common art gatherings in town, the art walk, or art days, in Pomona they have a gathering of artists they refer to as "Second Saturday". I would love to be able to show my work to the public at such an event, it sounds like fun, but I ask, what about the nudity? Generally photographic nudes are not very welcome outside with people of all ages mingling around, even if it is an art themed event. Well, they asked, you do have other work... or are nudes all that you do? My reply, I do nudes.
I Belong To The Hurricane
So the question I know many must deal with, do you adjust your work in order to comply with prevailing attitudes? Do you shoot landscapes or kittens or daises so you can secure a spot in the venue, then slip the nudes in under the tent so you can show them to people inconspicuously? Seems like making illicit drug deals or something, although, I have been known to photograph a kitten...
Instant Friends
No, society may change or maybe it won't but I love my work, I shoot nudes.

Bright Lights Big City
"We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of our relatives, of our incomes, of our accents, of our opinions, of our experience, just as we are ashamed of our naked skins." ~George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)


  1. No kitties or flowers - PLEASE. Keep shooting nudes David and someday maybe society will catch up with us and our artistic bent.

  2. Ah... But alas... Recently you HAVE shot a few PG-13 images and they definately have the "stamp" of "a Winge photograph". With minimal effort I'm sure you could generate enough pieces to have a "suitable for young'uns eyes" exhibit without "selling out".