Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer to Remember

Silly me, I was looking forward to a few random adventures with some of the awesome people I've worked with, just the usual run out to the desert in the early morning with the usual suspects and possibly one or two new models.
Money For Nothing
I'm chatting with Pearl on Yahoo and she tells me I'm in a show, in Pomona, in a week, and there's a meeting there TONIGHT. Pearl being the incredibly awesome person she is got half the prints made and framed, then shows up at the show with flowers! She is so amazing.
Boxing Nevaeh
I get the chance to shoot 3 gorgeous ladies at the same time, Pearl, Conundra and NevaehLleh in Lucerne Valley a day before Pearl leaves for a week in Colorado, we all end up with minor injuries on this shoot after I start it off by stepping on a nail. But we did capture some wonderful images, one of which was chosen for the 3rd NUDE exhibit at Manifest gallery in Ohio!
Hymm To A Feral Heart
Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet and work with Rebelflowers for the first time, I'd been watching her work on the DevientArt web site for a long time, she takes trips out to some of the same exact places I go in the desert and posts amazing photos. I met her at the D. M. Gremlin studios open house and then Sunday we did a desert photo shoot. What a wonderful and talented lady, we had just the most amazing day! The image below was literally the first click of the shutter that morning.
Living This Day
In between working, shooting and editing I've managed to do an upgrade to my web site, it's been way overdue. It's still a work in progress...

"You become things, you become an atmosphere, and if you become it, which means you incorporate it within you, you can also give it back. You can put this feeling into a picture. A painter can do it. And a musician can do it and I think a photographer can do that too and that I would call the dreaming with open eyes." ~Ernst Haas

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