Monday, August 1, 2011

Desert Rain

I had a real treat yesterday and got soaked in a desert thunderstorm.
We were hoping for a sunrise but nature had other plans, Brooke (RF Photography) and I picked up Conundra and we headed for the high desert around 4:30am, the weather reports called for cloudy with a chance of rain. We found the rain, or the rain found us, camera's wet and clothes soaked we had an awesome day shooting in wet weather.
Grey skies and on and off rain set the backdrop but we took full advantage of it.
It's an amazing place, beautiful and often unpredictable, sometimes a challenge and always an adventure, this is some of why I love working in the desert so much. More than that though, I continue to be so blessed by the people I get to share the experience with, more than I can name in the years I've been shooting with art models and the list keeps growing.
"When I started my adventure in photography, I was suddenly introduced to the world around me. I can’t believe I have been so blind for too many years." ~Laura Tate Sutton

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