Saturday, August 13, 2011

Opening Night

Last night was opening night for NUDE 3 at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio
I kinda, sorta feel like I was there, I was in spirit for certain and with a huge Thank You to Scott Nichol who was there and shared these photos, I so appreciate it. The venue looks amazing and having perused the work that was chosen for this show, including two phenomenal prints by Scott, it was an impressive group and I am humbled to be in such company.
Manifest Gallery
What an amazing feeling when Scott posted these images, the world of artistic nude photography may be vast, and it does encompass many different avenues, ideas and personalities, but it is made up of the most kind, warm and beautiful people on the planet.
Scott Nichol (Memories of Water)
Above is the incredible Brooke Lynne in one of Scott's palladium prints, one model I know that both Scott and I have had the pleasure of working with, I got the chance to shoot with her in the desert in 2009.
I was introduced to Scott's work when I first saw an image he did with Ida Mae several years ago, I believe he was using a Lensbaby and I was awe struck by the beauty of it, that photo took my breath away.
Below is his image "Clay, Frame #3" with Stephanie Anne Landers, that is dwarfed by a 6' tall work by Chris Day hanging next to it, wow.
But go see more of Scott Nichol's wonderful work is on his web site, here: Silverystars.

"That you work with no net is seen as foolhardy by most, yet you've known from that first wobbly step that timidity dilutes photographic achievement, and great poetry never rhymes." ~Andrew Stark