Friday, August 19, 2011


The amazing landscape that is the Trona Pinnacles.
Shades Of Babel
On the Searles dry lake bed in the Mojave desert these tufa pinnacles raise up surrounded by flat lands, on close inspection this rock looks and feels like coral. An other-worldly and unfriendly environment, but a place used in dozens of movies, television shows, commercials and so on due to the unique appearance.
Where Does Time Go
It's amazing to be there and amazing to see, it can feel like you are in another time.
Pillars Of Salt
Also known as "Cathedral City" it's a place where I always feel inspired, and as difficult as it is to work here I have always felt it was worth the effort.
"One does not for long wrestle a view camera in the wind and heat and cold just to illustrate a philosophy. The thing that keeps you scrambling over the rocks, risking snakes, and swatting at the flies is the view. It is only your enjoyment of and commitment to what you see, not to what you rationally understand, that balances the otherwise absurd investment of labor." ~Robert Adams

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