Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naked journey

I received a special groovy treat this week, my good friend Karen is writing about her experience modeling, dating and her move from California to Virginia, a first draft of an upcoming book.
Harmony & Me
Reading this, particularly the first few chapters took me back to the time when we first met and our first desert photographic adventures, as much as I've written about the feelings and experience of the desert at daybreak, it is so very interesting to read it from a completely different perspective. 
It flowed wonderfully and Karen has this way of writing that gives you the impression she is right there telling the story. Once I stopped getting interrupted by other things I couldn't and didn't want to put it down, it's funny, heartfelt, witty and enlightening. After reading about some of her dating adventures, or rather misadventures, I just wanted to give her a great big hug!
Karen takes us along on a heartfelt and profound spiritual journey of growth and discovery, this is not some naked romps in nature broken up by a road trip, not by a long shot. I was right there with her, whether it be in the isles of a Whole Foods market in Little Rock, AR or sipping a margarita at Fred's in Fort Worth, TX. This is a story of love, sex, dreams, and naked rock climbing with an amazing dose of enlightenment and wonder, I'm so grateful to have this first glimpse and I'm so excited to read the rest of the story!

"There are two ways one can run naked through the wilderness, literally and figuratively, I choose literally" ~GroovaciousK


  1. Thanks, David! Excited to finish it, now!

  2. Fantastic! Karen let us know when WE can get a copy.