Monday, August 8, 2011


Prior to our ability to figure it out for ourselves, who tells us what beautiful is?, social media? Magazines? Television? Friends?
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Saturday I had the opportunity to visit The Annenberg Space for Photography and experience the current exhibit BEAUTY CULTURE. When I initially looked at the web site I got it in my mind somehow that this was a show featuring mainly Hollywood glamor, which turns me off anyway so it's no surprise to me that I didn't read further. I did however want to see the space and get a feel for what they were about.
I wish I had read further, yes there are iconic images of so-called 'super models' and women who have had a substantial influence on the definition of beauty in society, however this exhibit takes the concept of beauty to a much deeper than skin level. In all truth I walked out of there feeling somewhat vindicated because for me real beauty is not a measurement, it is a spirit and all the plastic surgery in the world will only make you different, not beautiful, not to me, the beauty is in the creation not the decoration.
This is part of the 'why' of how I began doing nude photography, what I was seeing in my then limited experience was, well, limited. I was seeing scores of photos where the photographer seemed to be treating the model as the object instead of the subject and I thought, I could do much better then this. I wanted to see more balance, to see more of the harmony in nature and it seemed to me what I was seeing as popular was a sort of tunnel vision. Later I began to find the work of some incredible contemporary photographers which opened up a whole new world to me, and continues to do so.

It Never Ends
"If you don't respect yourself in terms of what you're doing and your own vision, who else is going to?" ~Melvin Sokolsky

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