Thursday, October 6, 2011

6000 Sunrises

I caught a portion of a television commercial the other night while I was cooking dinner, something that was said caused me to really think about what I do.
The voice-over stated at the age of retirement the average person will see another 6,000 sunrises.
In The Moment
I love sunrise as a photographer, with the sun low in the sky the light must pass through the greatest amount of atmosphere which creates the golden hue we see. And my own theory is that at dawn the air is cleaner then in the evening, so the light is cleaner also.
All In My Head
6,000 sunrises does seem like a lot, until you begin counting them. This morning has passed so just by writing this blog I am now down to 5,999. Take away days of cloud cover and days of rain, subtract days when other matters take precedence over shooting. Subtract days of illness or injury and days that get cancelled or rescheduled for one reason or another and pull out days for editing. Remove all the days I cannot be out there shooting and how many are left?
Aware, Awake & Alive
Over the past few years I suppose I've witnessed my share and many times had the great fortune of having a camera with me, but when I look forward at what's to come, where I want to be and what I wish to accomplish, I think I need a little bit more then 6,000.
One Good Woman
This television advertisement started a discussion among seniors on Yahoo Answers and no doubt something similar inside companies selling retirement plans. One thing for certain it got me thinking, about my work and what it takes, about chasing a dream and sharing it, and about that time I can no longer do what I love.
Desert Sun
"To learn the magic of light, get up before sunrise...and watch." ~Ted Grant


  1. Time, possibly, to quit the day job and become a full time sunrise chaser!

  2. That time is rapidly approaching I feel.

  3. You make the best of each day no mater what/ where

  4. I'm chasing one with you soon. You'll never stop David!

  5. "A Chaser of the Sunrise". I like that. You capture them well, David.