Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Calling

I am THRILLED to share that I have an image chosen to be included in "Unclothed, Exposing the art nude" at the StutzArtSpace in Indianapolis, IN November 4-23
The Calling
Ironically this image came from what was supposed to be a desert sunrise shoot, but once we got up there we encountered rain, dark skies and more rain, which in the end didn't matter too much because when you work in nature you have to be ready to just use what you find and go with it.
 Meggy and I have worked together numerous times since June, 2008, she's even more excellent when you encounter the unexpected.
Highway Blues
A true artist's model, amazing and talented. Meggy can take an idea, grasp it and go with it, she surprises me with her ability to convey my message.
Shine On

Be Thou The Rainbow
We'll be shooting more in the future for certain.
I've Got A Dream
Meggy is an exceptional model and as a person she's all heart and I'm so jazzed that one of our images was chosen from all the entries, she represents my vision in my work. And as an added bonus she's awesome!
No One To Blame

"Human gesture and expression are the essence of photography. It's not about lights or fast lenses and fast film. It's the ability to capture a moment in time. To capture the spirit of someone in that magic box is wonderful. It's what I fell in love with as a kid." ~John Shearer
Photo courtesy of GroovaciousK

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