Thursday, March 31, 2011

How I Found The Desert

I obviously love the desert and the story of how I found it goes something like this. Years ago in another lifetime my half sister wanted to visit from Michigan, so we found the cheapest flight was to Las Vegas so I was to pick her up and drive her back to LA. As anyone familiar with this trip will verify, you drive through quite a bit of desert and she enjoyed that drive so much we took the long way back for her return flight. Now fast forward a year or so to find she had moved here and was staying with me, weekends we would go you know where, the desert. She loved Joshua Tree so we would pack a cooler, my camera and her desert books and spend the day out there wandering trails. We would eventually see them all, at least the tourist view and spend untold hours photographing, identifying plants and just generally being away from it all.
Elephant Knees (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)

Any place devoid of people I find wonderful, and to be there alone in such a beautiful environment too good to pass up, so when I began doing nude photography it was a natural combination. I was very fortunate to find art models willing to trek way out to remote locations and pleasantly surprised that many were eager to go. It can be a harsh environment, it does have it's extremes and you should be prepared but the reward of having phenomenal landscapes to me is well worth the trouble, photo shoots in such remote places are as much adventure as photographic work.
Sand Dunes (Salton Sea)

People often ask how I find such locations and it's simple really, but you must be willing to take the road less traveled, the deserts can be vast places but there is so much out there. Often all you have to do is take the trail and see where it goes, several times out on a photo shoot models and others have remarked to me just how beautiful and magical it is out there and I know, it's why I go.

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