Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A rare and precious artistic gift.
As I was looking through photo related blogs for a bit of insight prior to starting mine, I found many with features on art nude photography & fine art in general. One of the first to catch my eye had just featured a couple from Russia, I can't find it at the moment but it appeared they had been together making images for some time. Over the years I've come across many stories of photographers & models having long term relationships, Edward Weston had several :) William Mortenson married his muse, Myrdith, and there are many others.
In short a Muse is inspiration and it's my opinion they are a product of your heart, they are your artistic vision, they occupy that part of your mind where you see the world and then they blend perfectly into your creativity. It's not about who they are but how you see them that really matters. In a conversation with a fellow photographer yesterday the topic of inspiration came up, he mentioned the familiar feeling of hating your work and how photographers might burn their images in an effort to start over. Been there! But at the moment I'm a virtual reservoir of inspiration, I am feeling more focused and creative with every photo shoot, each time I get home and review my work I just want to go back out that much more. I love the images and I see the flaws in them, it only makes me crave another opportunity to improve.
Ripples Of Apathy
People will seek a Muse as they struggle with their direction, have feelings of indifference, or desire to find what may be missing in their work. We all know writer's block when those words or lyrics are altogether quite elusive. But when your path in life crosses with someone that touches your spirit and ignites your vision, there really is nothing you cannot accomplish. It's my wish that we all know this feeling more often, feeling this inspired is simply magical

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