Sunday, May 13, 2012

Franck Leclercq

From some of my latest work, Franck Leclercq, a friend in Paris has done more editing and manipulations...
Living Stone (Fairy - Sunshine In The Desert)
I had the great pleasure of working with beautiful people in the last month, Sunshine In The Desert, Katz Pajamaz, Rusty Shackelford, Pearl Pardo & Wyldcat.
Fallen Angel (Katz Pajamaz)

Amazing work... Franck & I are actually in the planning stages of doing a book together.
Cracked (Katz Pajamaz)
I got to spend most of the day with Katz & Rusty out in Lucerne Valley, at the famous Flying F Ranch and in the hills and lake bed, what a treat going to the ranch and working with such amazing artists.
Trouble (Katz Pajamaz and Dallas)
This is from one of my last photo shoots with Pearl, incredibly beautiful and talented, she was my Muse for several years.
Life Out There (Pearl Edit - Pearl Pardo)
Rusty & Katz give me so much to work with, when these two are together there is a seemingly never ending supply of posing ideas and concepts.
The Lovers (Katz Pajamaz & Rusty Shackelford)
I also had the opportunity to work for the first time with Wyldcat, all I can say is wow, fantastic talent and take it from me, she cannot be tamed.
Wyldcat and Yours Truly
"You have to follow your instinct all the time. Otherwise you don't make it." ~Ruth Bernhard


  1. These are so darn cool. "Art" at is's best! Look forward to seeing a book in print of this - so original. Great collaboration of two super artists.

  2. Interesting Ideas in The Pictures!