Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back To The Sea

This past weekend I had the opportunity to again work with Katz Pajamaz & Shelby Katz, and also with Rusty Shackelford & Logan, we all met up and drove out to what's left of the pier at the end of Poe Road.
It was a warm sunny day, but quite windy, we made the best of the conditions and the space I think.
Working with this group was great fun, I thought it would be more of a challenge having 4 models on location but the ideas and inspiration flowed as we all collaborated on the places and poses. 
A Balance Of Will
And some poses are a result of found objects.
People At The Sea
It was great to have all 4 models on location together and everything worked together beautifully.
These two are just so much fun to shoot, you almost never know what might happen next!
The Salton Sea is pretty much a paradise for me, it can be dreadful out there in the heat and when the wind howls of which I've had to endure both, but it is sure hard to beat on a beautiful day, one thing for sure we all want to go back and shoot there again.

"Sometimes I think all my pictures are just pictures of me. My concern is . . . the human predicament; only what I consider the human predicament may simply be my own." ~Richard Avedon


  1. beautiful work David, well done

  2. i agree, great work - waiting 2 see what u do next - V.