Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Andrew Paul Gettler

September 25, 1975 - May 10, 2011
I met Andrew while he was living in southern California, Andrew was a thoughtful and genuine person, he had a contagious smile and kind heart and he was as creative as the day is long.
Symbol II
Roots 02
Mask I
 There were many sides to Andrew's work, from his 'creature fotography' to still life, and from beautiful family portraits to product design, digital graphics to macro photography his talent was huge.
Nude Photography 101
Puppet Show
Strongest Soldier
Extremely talented and creative, Andrew was an Artist, it was an honor and pleasure to know him, albeit briefly. The images I've posted here are but a very small sample of his incredible body of work, Andrew will be missed dearly by both his friends and fans.

Andrew posted the following poem in July, 2007 that he said he had written "long ago":

Final Goodbye

by *littlegett

I looked inside my minds eye
To find a creature deep inside
Fierce and brutal with claws and fangs
It screams, snarls, howls and bangs
It’s only your imagination
He told me at the train station
But I’ve seen it before
And I’ll see it some more
For this Creature deep inside my own minds eye
For as long as I live it will never die
So say your farewells
Your see-you-later-Mels
For this creature is strong and fierce
Thus it’s black heart I must pierce
No one to remember this name of mine
Not even the one with my last dime
My ashes will blow and scatter
Without one soul to know what matters
Get your priorities straight
For all of you I hate
For this I will leave like a swallow
As it flies with no sorrow

Be at peace Andrew and Zesty Mint.

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