Thursday, May 12, 2011

Desert Dude Ranch

photographic studio, gallery and more
Another Lonely Soul
How cool would it be to have a place not too far out in the high desert, abandoned buildings, a Roman garden, an open photo studio, small gallery, dressing rooms, props, etc. A gallery for all desert art, a place for photographers, models, artists of all kinds, possibly have some simple lodging for traveling artists, a place to shoot and create art on private land away from the city.
An idea Pearl and I have been entertaining for some time now, maybe 10 acres of flat land with electricity & water and build an inside/outside photo studio, possibly turn it into an artists retreat type of place.
If it's such a great idea why hasn't anyone done it yet? Or are they out there and we don't know about them? Or would it be economic suicide?
It's a dream, a nice dream, if only we were rich.

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