Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artist Statement

...the first draft of my artist statement, I would appreciate any and all feedback. 

The first time I added the art nude to my landscape photography it was as if I had added a soul, they took on a life and became much more than the sum of each. I was looking over the images after a photo shoot, I could hardly believe my own eyes and the beauty I had captured. For me beauty is everywhere, even in remote, forgotten, abandoned and forsaken places. My goal is to present through photography a celebration of the beauty and harmony of nature. The art models in my work represent the humanity in the environment, and however harsh that environment might be nature provides us the opportunity to contemplate, to explore, to experience and to celebrate.
The Way It Oughta Be
I will drive with a model a few hours before sunrise out to known and sometimes unknown locations, just the two of us and a camera to record what we may find. The desert is my studio and where I feel most comfortable and inspired, it doesn’t take much for me to find real beauty in the desert, all I have to do is be there. Photo shoots are also adventures, I do this work in order to share the adventure and the passion I feel about it, I do it because true beauty is not a measurement, it is a spirit. There is serenity and tranquility that I’ve found in the desert and every time I go out there I can feel it even more profoundly, to me there is no place better to tell my stories.
New Morning
I admire the work of William Mortensen and Edward Weston, both did work in the desert areas of the American southwest and I can see why these artists were drawn to the desert, I believe there is a unique beauty in the landscape that lends itself naturally to the art nude. For me the textures in the terrain and of desert plants can at times both mimic and contrast that of the human body to the extreme, this can make for the perfect blend of form within the landscape and thus the overall picture.
Make The Day
My philosophy is simplicity and my vision is the celebration of harmony, this is what brings me peace and what I would like my work to convey.
Like The Deep Blue Sea

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