Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feeling Memories

The memory of days past and gone
Feeling Memories
As I was waiting in line at Starbucks this morning I was suddenly overwhelmed by a memory from a long time ago, I wish I knew what triggers those.
Longing For A Miracle
I was dating a girl who lived among some rolling foothills in a quiet neighborhood near the local ski slopes, the homes were widely spaced on good sized lots. Across the street in some low land was a shallow pond that would freeze over in the winter and become the neighborhood skating rink. One night in particular with snow falling gently Lori and I were out there all alone skating and dancing, pushing each other into snow drifts and racing each other across the pond, the air was still and our only light were the moon and the stars. After awhile we found a spot at the edge of the pond and sat there together for what seemed like hours, not waiting to leave, not wanting the night to end.
Summer Dreaming
What I remember most about that night were the feelings, the joy of just being and the warmth of our friendship, and I can almost feel it now, so many years later.

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