Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shannon Donovan-Littleton

“It seems that different people have an idea of what I am, and what I should be. And then there's me.” ~Ani Difranco
It is a pleasure for me to feature a cyberfriend, abstract & digital artist, writer extraordinaire, extreme weather maven, closet cultural anthropologist, Gemini and pizza lover, the awesome Shannon Donovan-Littleton. (please visit her blog)
I've known Shannon, online since late 2008, I think I may have first found her on RedBubble then later on FaceBook, or visa-versa, who remembers the details? It was her prose that really got to me though, and recently she has been posting what she refers to as "snippets" (...what I call 'teasers') from a soon to be published work.

Over the last couple of years Shannon has been kind enough to allow me to pair some of her prose with my images, which in my world adds an amazing dimension to the imagery, here is the latest example...

The Witness
"What is it about you...precious soul....
that compels me to crave to swim in your veins. 
To taste your skin and giggle in your lungs. 
To be naked in the summer of your warm breath. 
And to die happily in the gaze of your every aching sunset..." 
(excerpt from the Epilogue, 'The Fabler's Muse' (05-2011))

And from an earlier work...

A Yearning Air
Wind tossed and pierced pure
descending down from heavenly realms,
to where you last left me blooming,
and where want begins to whisper again.

My wandering comfort now lies within,
the timeless and allegorical lines,
we gingerly scribed upon the rocks,
and where in pure delight,
our dwelling time pulsed.

The mesquite whispers warmly here.
Casting their blessings through my hair,
and knowing pure love,
is the deepest practice we manifest;
and with which I am now satiated.

My innermost nest now rests,
while you are buoyant and away.
My heart pirouettes with incredible visions,
of our warm shared breath,
that fed us abundantly for a while..
And if this isn't enough talent... Shannon is my 'go to' desert meteorologist, it's true! When planning my weekend excursions I count on her for weather reports to the areas I plan on shooting, and more then once have made adjustments to my routes based on her expert advice. 
Sundown's Dream
This is just a small sample of Shannon's incredible art...
Queen Of Hearts

Bella's Butterflies

Mardi Gras
...also Photography
Cover Me
Shannon describes herself: "Abstract and digital artist.... soaring through cosmic recursive fractal flames, liquified plug-ins, and ambient orgasms, Loves road trips and collecting body jewelry, Can't live without an IPod, naps, and a charcoal erasure...."  

Reminds me of a great quote... "If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera." ~Lewis Wickes Hine

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  1. David...I am so stunned and absolutely grateful for this incredible feature on your blog! I will never forget the kindness that you have shown me here, and I value our friendship so very much. I wish that I could express more how I am feeling right now, but I simply cannot clear the tears from my eyes....Thank you dear heart!