Friday, May 13, 2011


reducing a thousand words to a title.
Jesus Saves
When I originally posted the above image someone almost immediately asked me why I chose the title "Jesus Saves", and well, if I remember correctly at some point during the shoot  when NevaehLleh and I were talking the subject came up. But this is not the only reason, because to me the pose could be saying 'save me', but I didn't mention that in my explanation, I simply said it was a bit of an inside joke. Then the person asking suggested I change it, because using the subject of a private joke made no sense to anyone but us, in fact, he was "helping me" by pointing out that if my titles made more sense to the viewer, my work would be better received and appreciated. 
Time For Takeout
So that was an interesting thought, in order for my work to have more meaning the title must make sense to anyone who happened to view the image, but I wonder if everyone even reads them. Karen titled the one above and in fact titled 99% of all our images, the titles she came up with are awesome especially the one above!
Life In Paradise
I love titles that have two meanings and I sometimes get lucky and think of one, in the image above, Sunshine In The Desert's pose really says 'life in paradise', even when very few people would know that she is in fact standing near the middle of a place called Paradise Valley.
Waiting On Sundown
While I was editing this image I looking through iTunes for some music, I passed a Brooks & Dunn song called 'Waiting On Sundown', then I glanced at the photo and thought, hmmm, that could be exactly what she is waiting on. So I'm wondering, does the "perfect" title make the image better? Instead of "Jesus Saves" I could have simply called the first image 'color nude on rocks in the desert', but to me, the photo is the message, on the other hand, I could be all wrong.

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  1. I love your titles Mr. Winge, they always seem to fit the image perfectly!