Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Far Away

doesn't anyone stay in one place anymore ...printing fool, new monitor and the way things are.
Oceans Of Time
This past Friday I began editing images on an Eizo, my old CRT monitor was showing serious signs of age and I've been afraid of it dying for the past year or so. I am still getting used to it but so far so good, one thing for certain I am more than pleased with the amount of detail in the display, impressed actually, I am seeing subtle things I was missing when I was using the CRT. The bigger size will take some getting used to, somehow I feel in time I'll be able to deal with that issue.
So Far Away
I've also been printing like a crazy person, updating my print portfolio, well, not so much updating but creating all new and this has caused me to revisit some shoots from the past. One of those shoots was with the awesome Mila, we had a total of 2 photo shoots prior to her moving out of state, the shots here in today's blog are newly edited images from those shoots, some of the others are some of my best work ever. Wish I could figure a way to get her back for a day or two to do some new photos, she is as natural a beauty as the places I photograph.
Dear Summertime
All this reminds me of a quote by Edward Weston... "She leaned against a whitewashed wall--lips quivering--nostrils dilating--eyes heavy with the gloom of unspent rain clouds--I drew close to her--whispered something and kissed her--a tear rolled down her cheek--and then I captured forever the moment--let me see f.8--1/10 sec. K1 filter--panchromatic film".

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  1. Oh, David...I feel like I say it so often but I miss you so unbelievably much too and frequently long to be back in California trekking through the desert with you. I feel both privileged and delighted to have had the adventures with you I did, and I by no means expect those to be our last! The Edward Weston quote is beautiful too and simply perfect...