Thursday, April 21, 2011


all the while I continue to shoot whenever possible
But it's not enough and I don't have an answer, yet. I just live in the hope my day is coming.
I envy the people who discovered their passion early in life and followed that passion wherever it lead, I long for a time I can devote more than an hour or two a day to photographic work. Not that I'm complaining really, but I can feel the time coming soon that something will have to give.
Midnight Sun
I was contacted yesterday by someone seemingly wanting to model and we sent a few messages back and forth, then the last message began "...we should keep in touch". I was a little shocked because at first I believed this person to be serious, or perhaps it was the way I came across to them? People are funny.
Nature Made
I have a goal that is pretty well defined and whether something will really come of it someday I honestly don't know, what I do know is I've found my passion and I intend to follow it.

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