Monday, April 11, 2011

Very Thankful

for the awesome people I've met and the beautiful moments I've been a part of.
Another amazing day yesterday shooting in an area between Lucerne Valley and Apple Valley, I woke up this morning tired and a little sore from the day, and that is such a good feeling.
We again found some amazing locations and as usual not all of them worked out as well as I envisioned once we began shooting, but some of them worked better than I hoped so overall I'm very happy with the results, and it was oh so worth the effort. Several times yesterday I felt a deep sense of simply being thankful for the opportunity to be there, in the desert with a camera, a beautiful day and with a wonderful friend & model, if there is anything in this existence better than this I've yet to find it.
Not surprisingly 99% of the people I've met and worked with doing art nude photography have been really exceptional individuals, talented, down to earth and genuine. I can't speak for model's experiences with other photographers but several of the photographers and models I have worked with have gone on to become friends, it's made this experience very rewarding and another reason to feel so fortunate.   
I learned a couple of important new things yesterday about photography & perspective but I think the most important lesson was that the best collaborations are of the spirit, and how truly grateful I am to have found the people I have that have shared these adventures with me. When everything is right it's like capturing magic.  
The Employment Office
As always it feels good to be a little sore, tired but really no worse for wear, and to be honest I'm just looking forward to the next one.

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