Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You Art Models

art models are gifts from the Gods
Radar Love
In my time working with models I've had the pleasure of working with the best, people that have brought life to my photos, inspiration to me and beauty to the world, I owe each of them such a debt of gratitude.
Peaceful Gardens
Getting up early in the morning and driving out to desert locations, braving the chill of the wind just before sunrise and all the time making me look good. Art models are incredible individuals and without them I'd be out there taking photos of rocks and shrubs, they are the soul of my vision and lend beauty to my work.
Fear Of Flying
They say every picture tells a story and it's true, also true is that there is a story behind every picture and I would happily re-live every one.
Soul Train
If a photographer tells a story with their camera, an art model tells a story with their entire being, not just part of the photo but the essence of it.
25 or 6 to 4
The models I have worked with are nothing short of amazing, each one stole my heart.

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