Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Caught

you have the right to remain silent but anything you shoot may be used against you.
Desert Daises
I took Monday off so I could have a long weekend and it worked out great, Saturday I went out with Rebel Smith who I hadn't worked with in a year and Sunday the awesome Sunshine In The Desert, our second shoot. Both models are wonderfully talented and a real pleasure to work with, plus it being the middle of April you are bound to find fields of desert wildflowers, which we did!
Or Bust
I have been been out to what I thought was the middle of nowhere only to run into fellow off-roaders, in fact, it seems we run into people most often when you least expect it and in some of the most remote areas of the deserts. Several times when out shooting nudes in natural settings we've been stumbled upon by other people, one time the model I was working with asked two mountain bicyclists to help us out by holding reflectors to direct light, (they did a great job!) 
Cry No More
I've been caught by a state park ranger who opened some gates for us in the mountains so we could shoot in freshly fallen snow, I was shooting in an abandoned night club and was joined by the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy who gave us a list of great places to shoot around the Salton Sea. When I am out shooting nudes so often and in so many places I think the law of averages just works this way, half a dozen in 6 years is something I can easily live with. Probably the worst thing that ever happened when getting caught shooting nudes was a state park Ranger asked us to move further out of sight of the main road.
Love In Song
Saturday Rebel & I got caught at the location above, we were next to a dirt road several miles outside Adelanto, CA when an older couple drove up the road approaching faster than I had time to grab Reb's robe, so she ducked down next to the tree, trying to stay out of sight as they passed. However, apparently the couple saw the scene much differently because they dialed 911 emergency to report seeing a guy with a naked girl handcuffed to a tree! We, on the other hand shot a few more images and hung out while Rebel put on some sunblock, but it didn't take long for the San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputies to find us to investigate.
Life In Paradise
It quickly became a non-issue because the deputies were able to size up the situation rather quickly, after a few minutes they became almost apologetic for the interruption and holding us there, after-all we were doing nothing illegal.
I spent Monday editing shots from the weekend, every weekend should be this amazing, and when I posted the photo of Rebel she sent me a text message, "Nice...that's me...hand cuffed to a tree. That image will forever remind me of those three chuckle heads".
I love this business!


  1. Oh you lucky dog!! You shoot with Sunshine in the Desert!! She and I've been chatting on DA and I'd love to take a trip out west and work with her and her with me!!

    Too funny about being "caught" - poor old folk, I mean seriously a naked woman handcuffed in the desert, yeah gotta raise SOME EYEBROWS!! LOL

  2. Well my law of averages sure works differently! I've been out four times shooting nudes and one of those times with GroovaciousK a older couple were hiking and were there before we knew it! The guy said, "Didn't see a thing" and the woman (presumably his wife) said, "You missed out!". LOL!