Friday, April 15, 2011


and the devout followers of the puritan ethic.
It's a double standard in a true sense, all in my uneducated opinion of course, but I would like to know why violence of all kind is allowed in main stream media but an exposed boob is strictly forbidden, something is incredibly wrong here.
Shades of Gray
One thing I really do not get, this idea that nudity is offensive, I mean, where in the universe did this ever come from, more to the point how is it even possible? I can see being offended by words or actions, for example I am continually offended by congress, but the logic of being offended or even affected by the sight of a naked human completely escapes me.
The Devils Dunes
My guess is most people don't think about it, they are busy with their lives, their aspirations and distractions. I say this because a couple times after someone modeled nude for me, I was soon contacted by one of their friends wanting to do the same, they wanted to see themselves ala naturel. Naked in front of a camera no longer held the same contempt.    
Riding The Wave Of Discontent
I'm thinking people may have modeled nude since cave people drew on walls, for certain throughout all of recorded human history, and still, this puritan ethic runs very deep in society.
Fake Natural
I guess there's always hope that one day society will be allowed to embrace and even celebrate the beauty of being human, in the meantime I'll be out in the desert with my camera.

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