Saturday, April 2, 2011


Someone once told me that it's just as important what you include in a photo, as what you leave out of the photo.

Call It The Blues

How much needs be there in order to tell the story, what are you doing to lead the viewer to the subject of the photo, mind your lines, check your settings, remember the rules. Well, I hate rules, I'm just not a rules kind of guy, if the model's shadow forms a perfect line completing some imaginary geometric shape that leads your eye directly to the bar of soap, trust me, it's a coincidence, I would never make it in advertising. All I know is what I like and what looks beautiful to me, I'm simple, I just love taking photos.
Heart Of Hearts
And perhaps that is what's holding me back, not the rules but the focus, over the last few months I've been shooting less, thinking more and things are falling into place. I've been very fortunate to have the pleasure of working mostly with Pearl recently which has been helping me concentrate, I say this because working with her is comfortable and I'm not at all afraid to fail. Several models I work with and have worked with in the past have had the same effect, as a photographer this is an incredible asset.
The Distant Wait
I'm used to composing the shot in my minds eye right at the point where we stop and I pull the camera out of the bag, I will probably always do things this way but I need to sharpen my vision and to do that I must focus. I need to get the shot I'm after, the one I see in my mind, I need to know I got it. The past few weeks have been important to me, a weekend shoot helped me gather my thoughts and it was good to have extra time to work a little slower and more deliberately, this is most definitely a major step in the right direction.
How You Remind Me

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  1. I think I'm in love with your work. The concept is very stark but still complete and beautiful. Well done to all involved.